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Sql server database developer interview questions

sql server database developer interview questions

What is a self join?
In rdbms all the data is stored in tables with each table consisting of rows and windows media player 12 xp sp2 columns.
SQL Server books online has enough information on this topic and there is a good white paper available on Microsoft site.
Indexes I like to ask them what indexes would help in this situation: Select Make, Model, PurchasedDate From CarTypes CT Left Join Cars C On rTypeID rTypeID Where Make 'Honda' And Type 'Sedan Theyll hopefully come up with something similiar to this: Create Index CarTypes_Make_Type_ix.The following are the commands in this category: Command Description Grant Provide user access to Database or any other object.Creating Table in SQL Server Now to create 3 tables in the Master database named Table1, Table2 and Table3.These are: Clustered Index: A Clustered Index sorts and stores the data in the table based on keys.If the data passes all the Check constraints then the data will be inserted into the table otherwise the data for insertion will be discarded.What are the types of indexes?To use the logical operator in comparing values from the columns.Data Stewardship Master Data Manager is the data stewardship portal in which authorized business users can perform all activities related to master data management.Search SQL Server 2000 books online for instead OF triggers.It can run only on windows.
Let's start now, select start/All Programs/Microsoft SQL Server2005/Configuration Tools/SQL Server Configuration Manager.Non-clustered indexes have their own storage separate from the table data storage.Note that this not a Not Null constraint and do not confuse the default value constraint with disallowing the Null entries.This application consists of security, xmla listener, query processor and other components that perform the following tasks: Client Architecture: ssas has a thin client Component Architecture.Sometimes for security purposes, access to the table, table structures and table relationships are not given to the database user.The next query is to get all those customers whove rented more than five cars: Select FirstName, LastName, Count RentedCars From Customers C Left Join Rentals R On stomerID stomerID Where.EndDate Is Not Null Group By CustomerID, FirstName, LastName Having Count 5 You can.