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Nios biology 12th syllabus

nios biology 12th syllabus

Accountants help to ensure that firms are run more efficiently, particularly from a financial point of view; that a country's public records are kept accurately; and that taxes are paid properly and on time.
Political science is kimberla lawson roby ebooks the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior.
Special features of root for common functions of anchorage, growth in soil, absorption, conduction of water and mineral salts, as well as special functions of storage and respiration.Suggested new doraemon episodes in hindi Teaching/Learning Hints Distinction between DNA and varieties of RNA should be discussed.Unit 5 Hygiene Types of hygiene - personal, domestic, community with emphasis on social nuisances like spitting, nose-picking, urination, defaecation, throwing garbage and other common insanitary habits.Part C : Immunobiology Approach Immunobiology is a fast growing field in Biology.Hence, the themes that highlight the contribution of biology to the analysis and solution of problems of daily life like growth, health, nutrition, and environment, have been chosen as components of the content.Unit 2 Tissues and organs involved in the immune system Cell types involved (T cells, B cells, macrophages) Unit 3 Definition of antigen, antibody General account of humoral and cell mediated immune response Unit 4 Types of immunity:- -Natural -Acquired : active and passive Unit.This is a recognised professional course and requires its students to have a intellectual and logical mind.Study Time : 30 hours Marks : 10 Approach This module is designed to get an insight into the entire living world as composed of basically the same kind of unit structure - the cell.
Unit 2 Reproduction in flowering plants Juvenility, flowering, flower as a reproductive organ, flower formation and sex expression, pollen and ovule, pollination, fertilization, seed development, fruit development, pathenocarpy.
Unit 2 Gene expression and Interaction One gene one enzyme hypothesis, Incomplete dominance, lethal genes, pleiotropic genes, Polygenic inheritance with example of skin colour in man.
This module provides ideas about the manipulation of genetic makeup (genetic engineering) in order to harvest important biological products, useful transgenic organisms and normal genes for gene therapy.Question For Practice, glossary, lesson 18-Reproduction in Plants, lesson 19-Growth and Development in Plants.Unit 2 Stem Primary growth, primary structure of dicot and monocot stem, mode of origin of lateral branches.The importance of physics to society today is most easily represented by our reliance on technology.Suggested extended learning Find out what microbiology deals with.Lesson 20-Reproduction and Population Control, lesson 21-Principles of Genetics, lesson 22-Molecular Inheritance and Gene Expression.Suggested Extended/Learning Hints Collect information about the recent legislation pertaining to conservation vmware client for ipad of natural resources from newspaper and magazines.As a part of this process, the syllabus also aims at developing the following abilities in the students to: -(i) apply knowledge and understanding of biology in situations which are novel and unfamiliar by developing abilities to analyse, hypothesise, draw conclusion and predict results.It aims in providing awareness of the causes and dangers of population explosion in the more recent times.